In the spring of 2018, a queen bee awoke with a simple determination to command the world through venom, anger, and persuasion. She quickly amassed an army of thousands that would forage all day and wreak havoc at all times.

The owners of this hive quickly determined the only option was to eliminate the queen. However late one night, a question was posed: aren't the most brilliant often the most mad? Some research was done. A decision to spare this mad queen was made, a moment that has been questioned ever since.

In front of you is the product of this decision: Hand selected, organic, local, free-range, hormone-free, un-pasteurized, antioxidant-rich, and mixed with the tears of many children is a honey so rich, that it has caused the weak to become strong, the ugly to become beautiful, and the boring to become interesting. 
While this mad queen might cause the downfall of humanity, it might also create a version of earth with more beauty and meaning than was ever believed possible. 
Please enjoy. And watch your back.